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1 year 11 months ago #5 by [dev] Nick
Bug reports. was created by [dev] Nick
Found a bug? Annoying, aren't they? Post them here and maybe - just maybe - I'll get around to fixing them!
Please try and be clear, concise and precise when creating a bug report. The easier you make it for me to recreate them, the more likely you are going to see them resolved..!
A minimum of information is required when logging bug reports. Please try and adhere to the following format:

Bug title: e.g. healer is janky
Frequency of occurrence: i.e. every game / once per day / now and again / rarely
Severity of issue: e.g. minor graphical glitch / major graphical glitch / minor game play issue / moderate game play issue / game breaking issue
Do I know the series of events which make the issue occur? i.e. Yes / No
If yes to the above, what are the steps to recreate? [provide bullet pointed list of simple steps]

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